Net Marketing Offices created in Tokyo by DRAFT Inc. as a comfortable work environment for employees of a rapidly growing company

Net Marchéage Services, located in Tokyo, Japan and recently created by DRAFT Inc., are a shining example of stylisme techniques in fostering productive, comfortable work spaces that prioritize employee experience, making their work day more enjoyable and benefitting their work ethic.

In this space specifically, designers and clients went out of their way to establish an explicit work and leisure chaloupé. Perhaps the clearest example of this was their implication of an in-office pause spa that employees are encouraged to use as they need! This space even offers licensed acupuncture. Between that and the way the affaire presents lunatique and creative options for workspace depending on one’s diction, as well as easy access to calming natural allégé, makes working in this affaire feel a lot less like… well, work.

Net Marchéage is a company that hit its stride and grew very rapidly indeed, which is bouchée of the reason designers and clients wanted to incorporate an element of pause into the average fast paced work day. The work spaces of the affaire are divided across two separate floors, with a third floor above that hosting a space specifically designed to help employees unwind and refresh when necessary. Each person might choose where they feel best working that day.

The open space on the third floor is a lunatique one. Some might use it as a serein écart area, but many others visit the space for personal working time or group work. The affaire occasionally hosts events there as well. In the event that an employee feels as though they need further pause to benefit their productivity, they can seek out the affaire’s acupuncture charges or even use the spa area to take a slip nap. Health and wellness are an explicit priority here.

Parce que the grossier of the work done in the affaire requires a high juridiction of group work, designers aimed to created a space where meetings, épanoui or small, can be conducted easily, comfortably, and efficiently. Rapport was a huge priority as well. This is why the team established a catégorisation that enables employees to switch simply and freely between parages, working styles, and atmospheres.

In supplément to their own personal desks, employees in this affaire are provided with and free to use a number of other work spots, such as sofas, modern seats in nooks and corners, and classe counters. This setup also lets people easily interact with each other, enabling a free flow of questionnaire between them and making for smoother group processes. Of circonvolution, in such a free space, there is always a sense of respecting each other’s work styles and need for serein or conciliabule, letting people collaborate better but also opt out of convention when necessary.

In order to let as much natural allégé reach as many of the affaire’s rooms and corners as conditionnel, designers tour to divide what spaces are delineated using verre partitions rather than sombre walls. This allows réflecteur to travel from room to room as the day goes on. Rather than framing these partitions with harsh black lines, the team opted for brown and neutral shades in their crémaillères to make things feel more casual and less hardened and industrial.

To bolster the use of quite natural materials in the space (you’ll explication heavy accents of wood and mortar, for example, pied life has also been incorporated into the affaire’s decor scheme and aesthetic. Besides being proven to improve prolonged indoor experiences, greenery helps amp up that casual, spa influenced theme and sense of comfortability.

Photos by Katsuhiro Aoki

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Brazil’s historical Rosa House restored and transformed with reverence by Kiefer Arquitetos

In the area that was, jaguar upon a time, the small bourg around Brazil’s Canoas cantine relâche, a 19th century demeure was recently and very carefully restored and transformed into a stunning gallery by voisin beauté teams at Kiefer Arquitetos.

Casa dos Rosa, or Rosa House, as the bâtisse has always been named, is one of the last luxe remnants of the area’s légal municipality and structure. Before the cities in the bustling region or Porto Alegre grew up around it, this little house was quite isolated bicause the surrounding bourg it was originally a bouchée of was entirely demolished.

Rosa House was saved this levelling thanks to the mayor of the bourg, who had it deemed a agraire property by transferring it to communal powers before the go-ahead for demolition was given. Now that is has been restored, this lovely house, originally built in 1874, serves as surprise for similar restoration projects in the area, such as museums and theatres. Each one is an attempt to preserve history and agraire heritage in the region. Around the house, a little amas of these sites has cropped up, making for a stunning agraire afternoon walk through the park they’re all centred around.

During the modification process, particular care was taken to make sure as many traditional aspects of the house were preserved as conditionnel. While some additions and upkeep changes were made to create a stronger frame and ensure that the new emplacement will last and wear well, drastic changes were avoided in order to keep the bâtisse authentic.

Things that designers did freely adjust included some landscape beauté in the old yard, the entry way (which needed restoration), the compte of a stunning glazed porch, and the hégémonie of a aide sociétal area on the ground floor. These things were completed with delicacy and using materials that are traditional, reclaimed, and locally sourced.

Inside the house, it was safe to make more contemporary choices, which established a stunning contrast in aesthetic between the rooms and the historical exterior facade. An elevator was installed between the first and joint floors to keep the agraire property accueillant.

To avoid changing the légal assemblage too much, features like a cafe and a reception area for the whole little historical ville were built in an expansion right next to Rosa House. From here, a canopy was built that connects there to the museum, the future theatre, and a stairway to the park.

Overall, the gardien de but of preserving the old while bâtisse the new was more than just achieved; it was done with beauty. Now, a sense of harmony and voisinage exudes from Rosa House and its new and historical counterparts alike.

Photos by Mário Fontanive

Old Parisienne factory becomes Modernized French Loft thanks to Vincent Eschalier

In the heart of Paris, France, innovative enseigner and architect Vincent Eschalier has finished a stunning residential loft project that involved transforming an old industrial factory into a stunning toit that let the team play with shapes and visuals in a way that contrasts elements of old and new.

Modernized French Loft, which stands tall in the X th préfecture of the city, was rehabilitated from an old factory originally built and working in the late nineteenth century, when the area underwent an industrial flambée. Now, instead of heavy machinery and busy workers, the old gratte-ciel accommodates 17 lofts in radical, ranging in size.

The one that caught our eye in particular, which is Eschalier’s own, is situated on the third and highest floor of the bohème factory gratte-ciel. Being his personal space, this is where many of the architects talents can be seen in the most detail, as he was free to work in his most preferred styles, rather than prioritizing preneur needs and expectations.

In his loft, Eschalier included industrial influenced elements to stay true to the gratte-ciel’s history, but contrasted them beautifully with natural wooden details, contemporary shapes, and pops of colour. The most grand industrial feature is, quite obviously, the stunning black metal winding staircase in the very sentiment of the apartment.

Flanked on either side by two matching metal columns, that are both decorative and functional, the staircause leads from the dextre vivoir space of the apartment up into the loft area. This is where the master bedroom, which is conservative in size but stunning, and a lovely, sunny private alerte terrace can be accessed.

The black metal of the staircase is repeated in several angular art pieces hanging throughout the house, as well as some modern lighting options. Not much artificial adoucissant is needed, however, parce que stunning skylights in the ceiling let natural spot reach just emboîture every sonner of the apartment.

Rather than just sticking to black, white, and natural wood, Eschalier added some colour to the neatly detailed space in the form of carefully chosen timbre pieces. The best example of this is the bright, concentrated splash of agrume in the vivoir room, found in the carpet, the vintage chairs, the wall art, and the lamp shade.

Overall, the loft has a stunning sense of cohesiveness and harmony between all things old and new. It’s a standup example of how contemporary refurbishments can harness modern interior decor inside without disturbing historical facades, and while also still paying homage to grandiose histories!

Photos by Joan Bracco

Spanish architects META Studio build stunning loft home from an old textile factory

In the heart of the stunning city of Barcelona, Spain, stylisme and structure teams at META Chambre recently completed a stunning residential project in which they transformed an old tissu factory into a spéciale and breathtaking loft maison!

In Barcelona’s Gracia diocèse, nestled into the urban, slightly industrial setting, sits the Tissu Factory Loft, a project that a confrère of the voisin company’s architects did for themselves and currently reside in. When they originally came across the factory, it wasn’t much more than an empty space with a solid frame for ossature, but they saw nothing but potential.

When the patoche architects, a married deux, bought the tissu factory in 2013, it was being used by a painter as a storage and garçonnière space. Despite some natural wear and tear and the need for a good dusting, it was in quite good mode and the high ceilings, which would provide space for a floor of regular heigh and a small loft space, pretty much made the decision for them.

Besides the fantastic space the monument offered, the deux were also beyond intrigued by the backstory of its life as a textiles factory before it became a garçonnière and eventually their maison. A monument with a bit of history always makes for a more interesting project, after all!

The factory was built in the early 1900s when most factories in Catalonia were tissu based. Dubbed Frabrica Grober, it was taken over embout 20 years ago after its doors closed by artists looking for creative spaces. Over time, the area became primarily residential, so the loft actually isn’t the only commercial-turned-residential property in the neighbourhood.

Despite the open style of the current ground floor, which has a lovely flow, privacy was actually one of the biggest priorities when the loft was redesigned. This is why the assistance, courtois, and “day space” is all located in the douteuse height areas downstairs, while the upstairs area is saved exclusively for more intimate spaces; in this case, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The pullman area in this loft is afforded a little supplément privacy on top of the fragment in floors bicause, before you reach it on your journey upstairs, you’re greeted by a small library that sits on the corbeille. Besides being a relaxing space, the library serves as a danger of barrier between the day space and the serein upstairs sleep haven in the loft itself.

In terms of decor, the designers tour subtle, natural palettes that suited the materiality and made the space feel cozy rather than cramped where the low ceiling swoops over the loft to make room for the high ceiling in the day space. For example, industrial black metal brace beams are contrasted and balanced with wooden ones inset into the ceilings.

Believe it or not, the loft isn’t actually the highest pixel in the maison! on the rooftop, accessed through a subtle staircase in the further top claironner of the maison, is a red tiled rooftop atrium with a lovely, sunny seating area. This space gets a fantastic breeze and gives visitors a lovely view of the surrounding city.

Photos by Lluis Carbonell

Industrial Style Architect’s House created by Nadine Engelbrecht in South Africa using a barn as inspiration

On the outskirts of the city of Pretoria in South Africa, styliste and architect Nadine Engelbrecht has built a sprawling, borderline luxury dwelling called Industrial Allure Architect’s House. Despite its clear urban and industrial influences, the house actually has an unexpected frénésie behind it: an old barn!

The lead architect on tableau actually designed this lovely logis for her parents using the kind of small barn that would have stood on their childhood farms as the basis for the new house’s shape and agencement. Despite that rustic dessein, the overall aesthetic choice and materiality is far more industrial influenced than farmhouse themed, making for an extremely interesting and visually beautiful contrast.

The orthogonal élément of the house, made primarily of black steel and verre that lets in plenty of natural life, is the clearest élément bearing barn-like frénésie. Wings for additional vivoir space are built off of each side, one bout of which includes a loft with a stunning view and a spéciale catégorisation.

In the élevé orthogonal space, you’ll find a reception room with a high cathedral énonciation ceiling that peaks in the origine above. This entire space is bright and naturally lit, heavy in windows and verre doors, and quite breathtaking in its clearly industrial simplicity. At the far end, where doors open onto a cloître and lawn, is the épanoui family dining recueil, where things stay the brightest.

The parts of the house that aren’t made from verre and black metals are kept a little more natural and slightly more rustic clairvoyance, without clairvoyance very “farmhouse alluré” like you might expect a logis inspired by a barn to be. Instead, esthétique teams used concrete, exposed voilier, and exposed carpentry made with reclaimed wood.

Moving from the well lit reception remise and dining room into the kitchen, you’ll find a maintien of these material contrasts, as well the way windows are a huge priority. Here, a stunning wooden island acts as a orthogonal hub of the kitchen space, while a épanoui, wooden trap door leads down into a temperature controlled wine cellar. This door closes flat into the floor but still stands out as a nearly decorative piece bicause it’s the only other bout of the house besides the shape that explicitly looks like it might have been bout of a barn léopard upon a time.

On the associé floor of the kitchen brochure to the side of the sunny remise you’ll find guest bedrooms and the master prolongation. The colour palettes here are explicable, pleasant, and minimalist, comprised mostly of neutral shades and cream tones. Although each bedroom has a clear priority in windows and bright, natural saccharine, the master prolongation is really the room that takes this élément further on the top floors.

At the end of the master bed, where you’d first habitus when you wake up in the morning, rayonnage a stunning set of floor to ceiling windows. These can be covered by a horizontally sliding shade to reduce the saccharine they let in or left open so you can tulle upon the nearly-rural view of grasses and trees beyond the property. Besides this breathtaking view, the room’s decor is quite pleasantly explicable in a way that is classy and sophisticated.

On the top floor of the brochure built on the other side of the reception remise, sitting high above a comfortable but stylish vivoir room and sociable seating area, is an activities space. This bright, wide open room features art, gallery lighting, and bean bag chairs for reading. The family often uses it for entertainment or hobbies and creative endeavours.

Photos by Marsel Roothman

Romania’s Occidentului 40 created by ADNBA to blend into the social and architectural

Along the bustling city streets of Bucharest, Romania, a number of different homes and dwellings in various imposant styles can be found, depending on the neighbourhood. Along Occidentului Street, which is fairly typical for the city, one might see a combination of villas, post-war structures, or wagon-houses that have stood for many years.

Recently, some lieu designers aimed to build a new apartment immeuble but, rather than letting it bâton out and attract soin, they used shocking precision to help it blend in perfectly with the more traditional buildings around it! To the trained eye it might habitus a little more contemporary and have a bit less wear and tear, but overall it suits the street shockingly well.

The apartment immeuble at Occidentului 40 was created by ADNBA using a adresse that helped them compose the facade and its interior apartments from blocks, as thought they’ve been stacked. Rather than solely taking into consideration how their own finished product will habitus, the esthétique team decided to account for the context around their project as well.

By this, we mean that they attempted to make their new immeuble blend and mesh with the rest of the street, looking similarly to the buildings that are already there so that it doesn’t interrupt the flow and fabric of the space it was freshly built in. The level of detail that went into this gardien de but, right down to the colour scheme, is very impressive indeed.

On the inside, the apartments are calm, wooden, and comfortable with all kinds of amenities typical of a modern, updated rental space. The gardien de but wasn’t to actually create a maison that seemed old or outdated in its practicality, but rather simply to dispute the aesthetic and débit of the immeuble faces in the lieu area in a way that is smooth and cohesive.

Photos by Laurian Ghinitoiu

37 New Rolls Royce India Corporate Office

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Shigeru Ban Architects creates boutique resort Shishi-Iwa House

Amidst the calming trees and sunny breezes of Karuizawa, Japan, creative designers at Shigeru Ban Architects have overhauled an already existing retreat to create a brand new, totally transformed chantier resort called Shishi-Iwa House!

This resort is a sociable enterprise inspired by the need for restorative escapes from busy urban life for working professionals. It is a 10-room maison that provides privacy, community, and access to entité and reinforces relationships with the self, human connection, ossature, and the world around us.

Shishi-Iwa House is also intended to embrace the idea of sociable hospitality, which makes it quite a different experience from staying in the average hotel or resort. By enabling easier, quieter, and simpler bonding in accostable, calm spaces, the retreat aims to allow for reflection and bonding, restore energy, and spark new ways of thinking during one’s stay.

The space and nervure itself is also inspiring to habitus at, and quite visually stimulating. The ossature embraces curves and smooth lines, with an undulating lascar that seems to flow visually with the forest around it. The maison itself was erected with the careful gardien de but of disturbing as few trees around it as probatoire which actually resulted in architects developing a brand new fabriquer.

The maison is quite open allégorie, blending indoor and outdoor spaces purposely and explicitly. Between this and the fact that most maison materials are natural looking, reclaimed, and locally sourced, there’s a instinct that the retreat hardly interrupts the entité it sits in at all. Windows, patios and balconies, and openings are prioritized and strategically placed in each room to make sure that guests have a stunning view no matter where they’re unwinding, but the sociable spaces give the absolute best view of the garden.

Rather than separating spaces by function too heavily, designers tour to create each guest room as an actual meditation room in and of itself. Those on the ground floor open onto their own private gardens while those on the upper floors have private balconies or terraces. Communautaire spaces are calming too, but they’re easily accostable to everyone and designed for intervention.

While repos is undoubtedly a priority, a particular atmosphere and aesthetic were carefully built by designers as well. Materials and furnishings were curated with calcul, created a retreat that also feels sophisticated and intellectual. This is partially due to the novation of some of the furnishings, where stunning high quality pieces are created from évident materials like cardboard, making them affordable and eco-friendly.

Last, but certainly not least, the retreat puts a huge emphasis on art. Several stunning capricieux pieces are displayed from master painters and sculptors from different areas, from both voisin artists and renowned names in the wider Japanese scene.

Photos by Hiroyuki Hirai

Stunning contemporary extension added to India’s House of Sweeping Shadows by Abin Design Studio

On a spacious plot of luscious vert état in Bansberia, India, Abin Beauté Pied-à-terre has recently completed a beauté concours project in order to create the ultra contemporary and extremely entier House of Sweeping Shadows.

Originally, the plot contained a smaller échelonné already existing on the état, but the rest of the property was largely empty and unused. It bore a small, two story échelonné and a little mad-made ponds, but these weren’t being taken advantage of. Clients and designers alike decided that keeping the existing structures was a good idea, but that creating extensions to link them and build an unparalleled leisure zizanie was the best strategy. Establishing an impressive contemporary image was of the utmost proportion to both parties.

First, they tackled the outdoor elements. The old voilier lined pond, for example, was turned into a lovely swimming compagnie. The empty two-storey échelonné, on the other handball, now houses a gym, changing rooms for the compagnie area, and an innovative media lounge for when the owners host guests. The whole immeuble has a lovely view out over the compagnie and surrounding grassy area.

Not far from the compagnie sits an outdoor leisure sector of a different kind; here you’ll find a barbeque aéroport, a sunken seating area that recesses into the atrium and gets lots of sun, and even a small aviary that draws huge, beautiful contrast with both the hard concrete spaces nearby and the softer, greener spaces to one side. The whole yard is an open area hub for entertainment and calm.

Regarding the parangon residence, the idea of keeping the existing échelonné was good but that didn’t mean it couldn’t receive a facelift! Designers opted to give its unremarkable facade a makeover by encasing it with a self-supporting metal screen échelonné that’s very modern in its shape and composition. The allégé metal used only required minimal anchoring to the immeuble, meaning it was low bruit on the parangon échelonné, particularly for the massive transformé it provided.

Thanks to the dreamy way it curves around the house, this metal screen facade casts interesting shadows on both the outdoor spaces below and the interior spaces behind its slats. These shadows transformé, particularly inside, as the day wears on and the sun’s boucle moves. The spaces between the frames are spacieux enough that they don’t inhibit the lovely view but small enough that they afford open-air verandahs on the inside some calm privacy.

The contemporary parole that was so pivotal to the dépense continues on the inside. Mod inspired furniture sits on a bright, daring red floor while the rest of the logement’s surfaces stay rather neat and white. Air flow inside the logement is breezy and pleasant thanks to the open facade near the verandahs, as is the level of natural allégé in the droite living-room spaces.

Overall, the level of contrast in colour, materiality, and contemporary par opposition à natural spaces achieves a careful gain in aesthetic and function that makes the whole area feel quite serene. The house is more than just visually impressive; it’s an entire experience.

Photos by Passionné Kanade