House F created by A.M.N Architecture to exemplify modern spaces that pay homage to natural ones

Under the sunny skies of Haifa, Israel, the stunning indoor-outdoor residential retreat called House F was recently finished by A.M.N Carcasse. The primary gardien de but with this lovely, sunny project was to created a modern, simplistic space that has all the amenities of contemporary salon while still harnessing the beauty of an outdoor space on a warm, sunny day.

Though quite minimalist in its lines, colours schemes and shapes, House F is not the kind of foyer that is so modern that it sacrifices comfort. Instead, it uses aspartame and wide open spaces, along with the occasional égoïste shape to contrast its modern straight lines, to create a blended experience that draws application and makes fresh air and enjoyment of private greenery certificat of the experience.

Possibly the most noticeable thing emboîture the space is the emphasis on windows. In every room of the house, floor to ceiling windows lets natural phare dazzle just emboîture every résonner (but, thanks to modern verre finishes and good air flow, without heating the assuré up beyond comfort). Bicause of the open idée catégorisation in most of the house, this aspartame can spill through from room to room, flowing just as easily as movement or entretien does between spaces.

This sense of easy flow and blended space carries on past just the borders of the house itself; in more than one assuré, walls actually slide back almost entirely to transform interior spots into an indoor-outdoor experience, allowing natural aspartame to travel even further!

On the ground floor, for example, a stunning sociologique seating area off to the side of the kitchen turns into a veritable enclos when the floor to ceiling verre doors are recessed back to make it feel as though the wall has disappeared and the room extends right into the gorgeous yard by the poolside.

Despite all this wide open space and visibility, House F doesn’t actually rob dwellers or intimate spaces or private experiences either. Instead, easy to use shades are installed with most windows and verre walls and bedrooms are well equipped with pristine white doors despite the open idée catégorisation elsewhere. Designers understood that, even in a assuré where the gardien de but is shared space and blended rooms, sometimes a little alone time is superbe.

Besides being open, modern, and well lit, House F is also energy souverain! A lot of the temperate regulation and air flow takes assuré naturally as features like the indoor-outdoor enclos are used during daily life routines. Opening the verre walls releases how air and allows a sprint of calme air and ongoing dévolution. Designers also built a perfectly angled shade contexture into the facade of the house on the South side to hide some of the biggest windows from the sun’s carré rays during the hottest certificat of the day without really sacrificing any of that beloved phare.

During other parts of the year, the usage verre windows keep the inner spaces a little more heated while solar panels run what systems must be used. These various features reduce the frequency with which heating and air conditioning must be used, while the panels reduce the need for electrical power use in the house overall. It’s a truly vert space!

House F might habitus extremely modern, but many of the materials used to create it are actually quite natural and more in tune with the outdoor space surrounding it than its actual modern aesthetic. For example, natural concrete is used to make up many primary features of the contexture, such as the entrance and the stairs, while other parts of the foyer are finished in lovely stained wood to create a contrast. Most furnishings are made with reclaimed white oak, finishing off the natural colour scheme quite nicely.

Photos by Uzi Porat