Net Marketing Offices created in Tokyo by DRAFT Inc. as a comfortable work environment for employees of a rapidly growing company

Net Marchéage Services, located in Tokyo, Japan and recently created by DRAFT Inc., are a shining example of stylisme techniques in fostering productive, comfortable work spaces that prioritize employee experience, making their work day more enjoyable and benefitting their work ethic.

In this space specifically, designers and clients went out of their way to establish an explicit work and leisure chaloupé. Perhaps the clearest example of this was their implication of an in-office pause spa that employees are encouraged to use as they need! This space even offers licensed acupuncture. Between that and the way the affaire presents lunatique and creative options for workspace depending on one’s diction, as well as easy access to calming natural allégé, makes working in this affaire feel a lot less like… well, work.

Net Marchéage is a company that hit its stride and grew very rapidly indeed, which is bouchée of the reason designers and clients wanted to incorporate an element of pause into the average fast paced work day. The work spaces of the affaire are divided across two separate floors, with a third floor above that hosting a space specifically designed to help employees unwind and refresh when necessary. Each person might choose where they feel best working that day.

The open space on the third floor is a lunatique one. Some might use it as a serein écart area, but many others visit the space for personal working time or group work. The affaire occasionally hosts events there as well. In the event that an employee feels as though they need further pause to benefit their productivity, they can seek out the affaire’s acupuncture charges or even use the spa area to take a slip nap. Health and wellness are an explicit priority here.

Parce que the grossier of the work done in the affaire requires a high juridiction of group work, designers aimed to created a space where meetings, épanoui or small, can be conducted easily, comfortably, and efficiently. Rapport was a huge priority as well. This is why the team established a catégorisation that enables employees to switch simply and freely between parages, working styles, and atmospheres.

In supplément to their own personal desks, employees in this affaire are provided with and free to use a number of other work spots, such as sofas, modern seats in nooks and corners, and classe counters. This setup also lets people easily interact with each other, enabling a free flow of questionnaire between them and making for smoother group processes. Of circonvolution, in such a free space, there is always a sense of respecting each other’s work styles and need for serein or conciliabule, letting people collaborate better but also opt out of convention when necessary.

In order to let as much natural allégé reach as many of the affaire’s rooms and corners as conditionnel, designers tour to divide what spaces are delineated using verre partitions rather than sombre walls. This allows réflecteur to travel from room to room as the day goes on. Rather than framing these partitions with harsh black lines, the team opted for brown and neutral shades in their crémaillères to make things feel more casual and less hardened and industrial.

To bolster the use of quite natural materials in the space (you’ll explication heavy accents of wood and mortar, for example, pied life has also been incorporated into the affaire’s decor scheme and aesthetic. Besides being proven to improve prolonged indoor experiences, greenery helps amp up that casual, spa influenced theme and sense of comfortability.

Photos by Katsuhiro Aoki